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100 Blessings Every Day : Daily Twelve Step Recovery Affirmation, Exercises for Personal Growth & Renewal Reflecting Seasons of the Jewish Year ~ Kerry M. Olitzky / Paperback / Published 1993
In this helpful and healing book of daily recovery meditations, Olitzky gives us words to live by day after day, throughout the annual cycle of holiday observances and special times of the Jewish calendar.

A Glossary of Jewish Life ~ Kerry M. Olitzky, Ronald H. Isaacs / Paperback / Pub 1996
A Glossary of Jewish Life ~ Kerry M. Olitzky, Ronald H. Isaacs / Hardcover / Pub 1991
Two rabbis succinctly define over 2,400 terms used by American Jews in such areas as religious practice, history, literature, Israel, and personalities.

Becoming a Jew ~ Maurice Lamm / Hardcover / Published 1991 
Becoming a Jew is a good resource for Jewish educators, those studying basic Judaism, or adult bar/bat mitzvah students. Its use should be accompanied by material written from either a Reform or liberal perspective so that the student has a broad view of the conversion process.

Every Person's Guide to Jewish Prayer ~ Ronald H. Isaacs / Hardcover / Published 1997
Rabbi Isaacs has gathered a wide range of teachings about Jewish worship to help the reader feel more at home with the activity of prayer. The topics addressed include the language of liturgy and the development of the prayerbook, major concepts of important prayers, and terminology .

The First Jewish Catalog; A Do-It-Yourself Kit ~ Michael Strassfeld, Richard Siegel / Paperback / Published 1989
The Second Jewish Catalog: Sources and Resources ~ Michael Strassfeld, Sharon Strassfeld, editors.
For anyone who has ever wondered how to make wine, crochet a kippah, locate a Jewish film, start a Jewish library, or bring the Messiah, this exciting collection of far-ranging topics can help any Jew--those steeped in tradition or those just discovering Judaism--to become personally involved in the many aspects of Jewish ritual life, customs, cooking, crafts, and creation.

Gates of Shabbat : A Guide for Observing Shabbat ~ Mark Dov Shapiro, Neil Waldman (Illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1991
Millions of Jews are awakening to the joys of Shabbat observance and this is the book they'll turn to for help.

Halakhic Positions of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik ~ Aharon Ziegler / Hardcover / Published 1998

Holy Living : Saints and Saintliness in Judaism ~ Louis Jacobs / Hardcover / Published 1990

How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household ~ Blu Greenberg / Paperback/1985
How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household ~ Blu, Greenberg / Hardcover/1989

The Jewish Information Source Book : A Dictionary and Almanac ~ Ronald H. Isaacs, Ronald H. Issacs / Paperback / Published 1993

Jewish Literacy : The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its People and Its History ~ Joseph Telushkin / Hardcover / Published 1991
In this collection of 346 important facts about Judaism and its people, Telushkin ranges through all of Jewish history and literature to extract the enduring concepts one needs to know in order to be a well-informed, modern Jew.

The Jewish Religion : A Companion ~ Louis Jacobs (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995
Sweeping in scope and based on impeccable scholarship, this volume's 750 alphabetical entries range from Aaron to Zweifel to illuminate virtually every facet of the Jewish heritage.

Jewish Way in Death and Mourning ~ Maurice Lamm / Paperback / Published 1972
This classic work presents all of the fundamental laws and traditions pertaining to Jewish death and mourning. A best-seller since its publication in 1969, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning has been praised by scholars and laymen alike for its presentation of the traditional point of view in modern psychological terms. Aside from explaining the rites and rituals from the moment of death to interment, it discusses all of the first-year mourning observances. A closing chapter deals with the afterlife.

Jewish Wisdom : Ethical, Spiritual, and Historical Lessons from the Great Works and Thinkers ~ Joseph Telushkin / Hardcover / Published 1994
Organized by subject, this is a collection of teachings and quotations from the Talmud, the Bible, rabbinical commentaries, and ancient and modern religious and secular writings. Writers include Elie Wiesel, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Hebrew poet Hayim Bialik, Cynthia Ozick, Emile Zola, Albert Einstein, more...

The Journey of the Soul : Traditional Sources on Teshuvah ~ Leonard S. Kravitz, Kerry M. Olitzky / Hardcover / Pub  1995

Kaddish ~ Nosson Scherman / Hardcover / Published 1980

Living Judaism : The Complete Guide to Jewish Belief, Tradition, and Practice ~  Rabbi Wayne Dosick / Hardcover / Published 1995
In Living Judaism, Rabbi Wayne Dosick offers an engaging and definitive overview of Jewish philosophy and theology, rituals and customs.

Passionate Judaism : An Inspirational Guide for a Happyand Fulfilling Torah Life ~ Moshe Meir Weiss / Hardcover / Published 1998
Passionate Judaism; An Inspirational Guide for a Happy & Fulfilling Life ~ Moshe Meir Weiss / Paperback / Published 1999
In this delightful book, Rabbi Weiss reveals the beauty and sparkle behind Jewish observances and customs. Based on the Talmudic adage that G-d primarily desires the feelings of our hearts.

The Power of Hope : The One Essential of Life and Love ~ Maurice Lamm / Paperback / Published 1997
Interweaving case histories from Lamm's own counseling practice, insightful quotations, and challenging affirmations, this pragmatic and deeply compassionate book will help people grow and summon up the hope and the courage to conquer life's challenges.

Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days : A Guided Journal ~ Kerry M. Olitzky, Rachel T. Sabath / Paperback / Pub 1996
To pave the way for the High Holy Days, which herald repentance and renewal, Jewish tradition encourages 40 days of introspection and self-reflection. Olitzky and Sabath, both Reform rabbis, guide readers through this process of taking moral inventory.

Recovery from Codependence : A Jewish Twelve Steps Guide to Healing Your Soul ~ Kerry M. Olitzky / Hardcover / Published 1993
Recovery from Codependence : A Jewish Twelve Steps Guide to Healing Your Soul ~ Kerry M. Olitzky / Paperback / Published 1993
A wonderful treasure for codependents of whatever level of Jewish conviction as well as eclectic others. Highly recommended.  Olitzky now brings healing wisdom to those whose lives are affected by the addiction of a loved one. He explains how the Twelve Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous are relevant for Jewish people and all who would gain strength to heal from Jewish tradition.

The Shabbat Seder (Art of Jewish Living) ~ Ron Wolfson / Paperback / Published 1996
A concise step-by-step guide designed to teach people the meaning and importance of this weekly celebration, as well as its practices.

The Shabbat Seder Booklet of the Blessings and Songs : The Art of Jewish Living ~ Ron Wolfson / Paperback / Published 1996

Siddur : The Complete Artscroll Siddur ~ N. Scherman / Hardcover / Published 1989
The Artscroll is the single best siddur for general use. It includes daily, Shabbat, and many holiday prayers, as well as the entire book of Psalms, weekday Torah readings, inspirational verses, along with simple instructions in English to guide you in what may be your first steps towards praying as a Jew.

Siddur : The Complete Artscroll Siddur - Ashkenaz (The Artscroll Siddur Series) ~ Meir Zlotowitz / Hardcover / Published 1985

To Be a Jew : A Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life ~ Hayim Halevy Donin / Paperback / Published 1991
To Be a Jew, Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin's classic guide to Jewish life, philosophy, and law has guided generations of Americans, Europeans, and Israelis to discover the treasures of their own religious traditions.

To Pray As a Jew : A Guide to the Prayer Book and the Synagogue Service ~ Hayim Halevy Donin / Paperback / Published 1991
To Pray As a Jew is Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin's companion to his classic work To Be a Jew. The book functions as an accessible guide to the prayer book and the synagogue service, covering every detail of Jewish prayer and ritual.

To Raise a Jewish Child : A Guide for Parents ~ Hayim Halevy Donin / Paperback / Published 1991
"A candid, warmly written, useful guide for perplexed Jewish parents."

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