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Mazornet's Jewish Book Club

Can you think of a better way of celebrating Judaism and things Jewish than the celebration our writers, our literature, and our history?

Maybe.  But arguably, intellectual pursuit was always highly regarded and admired in our culture.  We are known as the "Nation of the Book"  -- yes, the old testament, but also, statistically speaking, Jews buy more books per capita than any other ethnic group.  (Well, at least in Israel, they do.) 

In this spirit,, and Jewish Celebrations are happy to embark on this new venture. The MazorNet Book Club!


Being Jewish for many of us is not only a religion or an ethnic designation, but a cultural existence.  Here in the United States, our culture enmeshed itself with the American.  But we arrived at where we are today (and where is that?) --  after a long and interesting journey; a  journey worth taking...again.

There are multiple books depicting the many facets of Jewish life in America, and in time we will read many of them... but to begin -- Mazornet Book Club chose...  (Drum beat -- the excitement is building)

1. An Empire of Their Own : How the Jews Invented Hollywood  by the noted film critic Neal Gabler, who writes a provocative and richly entertaining biography of the five Jewish men who were the moving forces behind the creation of America's motion picture industry. 
For a Review of "An Empire of Their Own" - Click Here

2. Facing Multiple Sclerosis: Our Longest Journey - by Dorothy Shatzky, Joel Shatzky, a couple that was first faced with Multiple Sclerosis over fifteen years ago.  A true story, told with brutal honesty.
For a Review of "Facing Multipe Sclerosis:Our Longest Journey" - Click Here

A treat - Read Joel & Dorothy Shatzky's letter to Jewish Celebrations! Click here!

Overview of three new additions to the Mazornet Club - Book Review

3. Zen Judaism: For You, a Little Enlightenment
by David M. Bader (August 2002)
A comic look at a phenomenon of the mystic pull eastern religions have for Jews.
For a review of "Zen Judaism" - Click Here

Also by David M. Bader: Haikus for Jews: For You, a Little Wisdom

4. Bee Season by Myla Goldberg (Published:May 2001)
Looks at a modern Jewish family and its struggle to discover God.
For a review of "Bee Season" - Click Here

5. One People, Two Worlds: A Reform Rabbi and an Orthodox Rabbi Explore the Issues That Divide Them
by Ammiel Hirsch, Yosef Reinman
For a review of "One People, Two Worlds"  - Click Here

6. " A Place Can Make You Cry: Dispatches From an Anxious State," by Daniel Gordis. In 1998, Gordis, his wife and three children left their home in Los Angeles and moved to Jerusalem.. This volume gathers e-mails of emails and private musings that record Gordis's impressions of his new home up through the current turmoil.
Click Here to read Review

7. "How I came Into My Inheritance" by Dorothy Gallagher.  The boroughs of New York are fertile ground for ethnic traditions to flourish, but bumpy territory for the daughter of Russian immigrants.
Click Here to read Review


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