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Fact & Fiction

Exodus ~ Leon Uris / Paperback / Published 1983
An American nurse, an Israeli freedom fighter caught up in a glorious, heartbreaking, triumphant era, the re-birth of Israel.

Frommer's Israel From $50 a Day (17th Ed) ~ Robert Ullian, Arthur Frommer / Paperback / Published 1998Frommer's is the leading name in affordable travel for travelers with taste, who demand comfortable accommodations and good, authentic meals.

The Glory ~ Herman Wouk / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1995
The Glory : A Novel ~ Herman Wouk / Hardcover / Published 1994
The Glory/Audio Cassette ~ Wouk Herman, et al / Audio Cassette / Published 1995
This is the sequel to The Hope (1993), which dramatized the unlikely course of modern Israel's history, ending with its smashing victory over the Arabs in 1967.

The Haj ~ Leon Uris / Paperback / Published 1985
The Middle East is the powerful setting for this sweeping tale of a land where revenge is sacred and hatred noble. Where an Arab ruler tries to save his people from destruction but cannot save them from themselves. When violence spreads like a plague across the lands of Palestine--this is the time of The Haj.

The Hope ~ Herman Wouk / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1994
The Hope ~ Herman Wouk / Audio Cassette / Published 1995
Hope, vol. 1 Vol 1 ~ Herman Wouk / Audio Cassette / Published 1994
Hope, vol. 2 Vol 2 ~ Herman Wouk / Audio Cassette / Published 1994
This novel of truly epic proportion deals with the conflict and drama of an evolving post-WWII Israel.

In the Land of Israel (Harvest in Translation) ~ Amoz Oz, et al / Paperback / Published 1993
In the early 1980s, Israel's celebrated novelist Amos Oz traveled throughout his country, recording its history as spoken by its inhabitants. First published in English 10 years ago, this timeless, astonishingly relevant work has been updated to include events of the past decade.

Israel (Postcards From) ~ Denise Allard / Library Binding / Published 1996
A collection of fictional postcards, written as if by young people visiting Israel, describes various sights and life in the modern Jewish state of Israel.

Next Year in Jerusalem : 3000 Years of Jewish Stories ~ Howard Schwartz, Neil Waldman (Illustrator) / School & Library Binding / Published 1996
Schwartz, renowned folklorist and storyteller, marks the 3000th anniversary of Jerusalem with 11 stories about the city where the ancient and modern exist side by side. Sidebars throughout enrich the stories with historical facts and background.

Sights & Sounds of Israel

Easy Walks In Israel-Sites & Stories ~ Aviva Bar-Am / Mass Market Paperback
EasyWalks in Israel: Sites and Stories is a unique user-friendly volume of non-strenuous strolls, easy walks and super-easy hikes throughout Israel. Chapters begin with a description of the attractions offered, give a degree of difficulty, and tell the reader how long it will take him to visit the site.

Fodor's Exploring Israel ~ by Andrew Sanger, Fodor, Deborah Wald, Geraldine Dunham
Fodor's Exploring Guides are the most up-to-date, full-color guidebooks available.  Full-color photos make these great guides to buy if you're still planning your itinerary (let the photos help you choose!), and they are perfect companions to general guidebooks, like Fodor's Gold Guides.

Fodor's Israel ~ Fodor
Fodor's guides cover culture authoritatively and rarely miss a sight or museum." - National Geographic Traveler" The king of guidebooks." - Newsweek

Frommer's Israel (2st Ed)  
Complete guide to old and new Jerusalem, Masada, Tel Aviv, the biblical & historical sights. Also includes excellent shopping , best of the outdoors--beaches, windsurfing, nature walks, sailing--and information on accommodations from spas to kibbutzim.
Frommer's Israel from $45 a Day (17th Ed.) ~ Robert Ullian / Paperback
From age-old convents in Old Jerusalem to a hostel at the base of Masada to kibbutzim, Frommer's budget guide to Israel is a complete guide to this ancient area. Budget shopper's guide--includes tips on bargaining, as well inexpensive dining and affordable package trips.
Guide to the Golan Heights ~ Aviva Bar-Am, Yisrael Shalem / Paperback / Published 1995
Written in a style that is crystal-clear, lucid, and homey, Guide to the Golan Heights will lead its readers on a tour of every significant site on the Golan Heights, from breathtaking waterfalls, lush nature preserves, ancient castles, biblical sites, and museums, to Israel's only alligator farm.

Insight Guides Israel (Insight Guides) ~ George Melrod (Editor), Richard Nowitz (Photographer) / Paperback / Published 1993
This guide covers all facets of this intriguing country--the archaeology, ecology, people, and places--from the beaches of Tel Aviv to the domes and spires of Jerusalem to the serene Sea of Galilee. Maps and photos in full color.

Israel ~ Paperback / Published 1996

Israel (Postcards From) ~ Denise Allard / Library Binding / Published 1996
A collection of fictional postcards, written as if by young people visiting Israel, describes various sights and life in the modern Jewish state of Israel.

Israel : A Traveler's Literary Companion (Traveler's Literary Companion) ~ Michael Gluzman (Editor), Naomi Seidman (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1996
"A perfect way of looking into a country, inside its houses and apartment buildings, at its weddings and feuds and even wars".--"Na'amat Woman". "Collectively, the pieces present a view of Israeli life seldom encountered by tourists or other outsiders".

Israel : Past and Present ~ Arthur Frommer, et al / Paperback / Published 1999
Israel's historic and religious heritage is brought to life through a series of color photos of the country's most important sites as they are seen today

Israel's Southern Landscapes-Guide To Eilat & The Negev ~ Yisrael Shalem, Aviva Bar-Am / Mass Market Paperback
Israel's Southern Landscapes is the first comprehensive, English language travel guide devoted entirely to the Negev, Israel's extraordinary southern region. There are over 300 pages describing of all of the major and lesser-known sites along the Western and Northern Negev, the Negev Highlands, the Arava, and Eilat.

Passport Israel : Your Pocket Guide to Israeli Business, Customs & Etiquette (Passport to the World) ~ Donna Rosenthal / Paperback / Published 1996
Passport Israel will help you: Avoid cultural faux pas Learn about Israel's values and beliefs Understand the reasons behind the actions Develop an effective negotiating style Don't leave without your passport!


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