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Jewish Mysticism - Selections
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9 1/2 Mystics : The Kabbala Today ~
Herbert Weiner, et al / Paperback /  1997
Synopsis:A thoughtful and entertaining search for contemporary insights from the Kabbala, Judaism's "hidden wisdom," and its present-day mystics/

Bahir ~ Aryeh Kaplan (Translator) / Paperback /  1990
 by Samuel Weiser

The Bahir ~ Nehunya Ben Ha-Kanah, Aryeh Kaplan (Translator) / Hardcover /  1995
 by Jason Aronson
Publication date: February 1, 1995

Gabriel's Palace : Jewish Mystical Tales ~  Howard Schwartz (Editor) / Hardcover / 1993
Gabriel's Palace : Jewish Mystical Tales ~ Howard Schwartz / Paperback /1994
A vast bounty of tales recounting the mystical experiences among rabbis can be found in the Talmud, the Zohar, Jewish folktales, and Hasidic lore. Schwartz provides a treasury of 150 powerful tales involving experiences of union with the divine, out-of-body travel, encounters with angels and demons, possession by spirits holy and pernicious, and more.
Jewish Meditation : A Practical Guide ~
Aryeh Kaplan / Paperback / 1995
The Jewish Mystical Tradition ~
Ben Zion Bokser / Paperback / 1994
Liliths Cave : Jewish Tales of the Supernatural ~
Howard Schwartz / Paperback / 1991
Paperback, 274 pages,  by Oxford Univ Pr (Trade)

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism ~ Gershom Scholem / Paperback / 1995
 by Schocken Books
Meditation and Kabbalah ~
Aryeh Kaplan / Paperback / 1989
 by Samuel Weiser

Meditation and the Bible ~
Areyh Kaplan, Aryeh Kaplan / Paperback /  1988
 by Samuel Weiser

Meditation and the Bible ~ Aryeh Kaplan / Hardcover /  1995
by Jason Aronson

The Mystic Quest : An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism ~
David S. Ariel, Bonny V. Fetterman / Paperback /  1992
A lucid, accessible introduction to the esoteric mystical tradition in Judaism known as Kabbalah. "The first comprehensive history of Jewish mystics to make its ideas accessible to the nonspecialist. Readers, Jewish or non-Jewish, with an interest in mysticism will find much knowledge here."--Publishers Weekly.
Of Societies Perfect and Imperfect : Selected Readings from Eyn Ayah, Rav Kook's Commentary to Eyn Yaakov Legends of the Talmud (Legends of the talmud

Abraham Isaac Kook, Bezalel Naor-Translator Hardcover/Pub. 1995

Orot ~
Abraham Isaac, Rabbi Kook, Bezalel Naor (Translator) / Paperback / Pub. 1993
Paperback - 302 pages (December 1993) Jason Aronson

The Schocken Book of Jewish Mystical Testimonies ~ Louis Jacobs (Compiler) / Hardcover /  1997
The Schocken Book of Jewish Mystical Testimonies : A Unique and Inspiring Collection of Accounts by People Who Have Encountered God, from Biblical tim ~
Louis Jacobs (Compiler) / Paperback /  1998
For the first time, this book brings together the few accounts that exist of the Jewish mystics' encounters with the Divine. The sources span 2,000 years and are drawn from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. They include depictions of peak religious experiences and visions, examples of ecstatic prayer, and counsel on how to keep company with the Divine.
Sefer Yetzirah : The Book of Creation ~
Aryeh Kaplan (Editor) / Paperback /  1997
by Samuel Weiser

Spiritual Judaism
David S. Ariel / Hardcover /  1998
In the first comprehensive guide of its kind, a noted Judaic scholar applied Jewish spiritual principles to daily life.

What Do Jews Believe? : The Spiritual Foundations of Judaism ~
David S. Ariel / Paperback /  1996
An eclectic exploration of the abiding elements of Jewish belief, covering major ethical, ritual, and theological topics. This guide to Jewish philosophical literacy is refreshingly versatile because Ariel has no ideological investment in a particular Jewish denomination.
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Amazing New Kosher
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