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Eight Nights of Chanukah
A Spiritual Perspective
By: Rivka C. Berman, Contributor
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Chanukah Menorah

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Gifts and gadgets, latkes and dreidels are only part of the Chanukah story.  Indeed, the eight nights of Chanukah provide eight opportunities to learn and think about Jewish values while taking in the glow of the dancing Chanukah lights. 

Let Inner Goodness Shine - Eight Nights of Important Values.

Each value begs for discussion. 

  1. --- What does Jewish tradition have to say about these values?
  2. --- How has Jewish history shaped the way Jews relate to these values?
  3. --- Why are these values important?    
  4. --- How do we express the values in our day to day lives? 
  5. --- In an ideal world, how would we work to change the world to better reflect these goals?  
  6. --- How can we include this idealized version into our busy lives today?  
  7. --- Who do you know that personifies each of these values?  
  8. --- What has happened to you to show you the importance of these values?

Additional Spiritual Spins:

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